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police investigating the violent death of a young couple to -- tonight are calling it a crime of passion. >> it's really sad that that happened. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. >> reporter: the two people killed were once boyfriend and
11:31 pm
girlfriend who were had just broke up a weeks ago but they still were living here and fighting. >> just crabs in here and just stuff. >> reporter: this couple needed a police escort to get to their home. >> that's horrible, what a day. >> reporter: ten people lived in this home renting rooms. someone called police after 4:00 this room and in a downstairs bedroom investigators found the bodies of a man and woman. the man shot himself before he
11:32 pm
shot the woman. this elderly couple is among those who rented rooms at this house. >> today it's bringing back memories. >> reporter: news chopper 2 is just over the home that had led out for the day. >> we were in soccer practice and yeah we just saw the cops. >> reporter: police are still at the scene at this hour. this marks their sixth homicide of the year. they tell us they have recovered a weapon. we've also learned more information about the couple. the vietnamese couple we learned the suspect was a man in his 30s. a santa clara county report shows the number of deaths from domestic violence are actually down year to year. there were nine deaths from domestic violence 2012. of last year's deaths, five
11:33 pm
were perpetrated by male suspects, one by a female. valentine's day has become an occasion to rise up and support efforts to end violence against women. today in 205 countries around the world people got up and danced. a few hundred people danced here at the grace cathedral. the event is called 1 million dancing. >> it's so joyful to see the women taking back our power and with our male allies and doing what we can. >> flash mob dancing was seen at several cities. former los angeles police
11:34 pm
officer christopher dorner is dead. the remains were possibly identified through dental records. no cause of death was given. dorn er was on a self-described war against. on monday he got in a shoot out with police. it ended when the cabin he was in caught fire. amber lee has more on the debt and controversial issue that provoked it. >> reporter: chp investigators combed through this santa clara house it's on on the outside with a large antenna and inside chemicals and what the chp says were several explosive devices which were removed and detonated. >> these actual items were complete and ready to use. >> reporter: the home belonged
11:35 pm
to bashum. >> he stated that he was a trained sniper in his e-mail. detailed in a rather specific way certain weapons that he possessed and exactly how he was going to kill me. yee was one of several democratic lawmakers at the state capital a week ago rolling out a laundry list of new gun control. >> he said if i did not seize our efforts to deal with gun violence, that he would assassinate me in or around the capital. >> reporter: the alleged threat against a state senator that led to this scene of santa clara appears to be a single
11:36 pm
instance. one exception, kevin de leon says he has received crude messages some that border on threats. >> one i think was a little disturbing it said i hope you die of a gun violence, i hope you die of a crime. >> reporter: at least one staffer says he hopes the arrest in santa clara sends the message of sending threats against officials. a live look at mobile alabama where that crippled carnival cruise ship is finally in port tonight. right now many passengers are still waiting to disenbark. it is a five hour process involving 3,000 people. the ship spent the past four days at sea with limited food, power or working bathrooms. coming up in four minutes we will take you there live and take you firsthand the grueling conditions that passengers experienced on board. ktvu news has learned new information about allegations that san francisco public utility works were viewing pornography and gambling all on
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the taxpayers job. 15 water the president supervisors are involved. they're accused of sharing pornographic images and gambling. police in santa rosa and roner park are comparing notes after back to back robberies. as you can see in these surveillance photos the suspect appears to be the same individual. he is described as latino with a goatee and a stocky build. he also match it is transcription from a robbery at a chase bank in santa rosa two weeks ago. in danville today, police arrested a man in suspicion of burglarizing a home in his own
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neighborhood. he faces several charges. one neighbor said one home was burglarized more than once. the suspect is being held tonight at the martinez detention facility. on this valentine's day we found evidence that romance can be good for business and in some cases very good for business. amber lee is live now in walnut creek where she went looking for couples out celebrating tonight. amber. >> reporter: julie we're at 1515 restaurant and lounge. this special valentine menu will be served through the weekend and this restaurant will be staying open later tonight. the kitchen staff is cooking up meals at $65 a person. reservations sold out last week. the manager says valentine's falling on thursday is good for business. because some couples will still
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be celebrating this weekend. >> who will you see on this weekend? >> it'll be on wait list only. it's exciting. >> reporter: this couple said every day is like valentine's day. >> it's fun to kick up our heels and go for it. >> every day you wake up and you choose. i choose to be in love. >> reporter: in love and in his and hers t-shirts. >> who's idea was this the t- shirt. >> kind of both of ours, we did it when we were dating and we had new shirts when we got married. >> we worked really hard to coordinate this. >> and it wasn't just romantic couples we found dressed to celebrate valentine. these two are sisters. >> just you know a little time to ourselves. then with family later. >> reporter: the last minute scramble for that perfect gift was evidence. >> two boxes as you can see. >> reporter: this man told us he bought cup cakes for an ex-
11:40 pm
girlfriend he's meeting for dinner. >> there's still a connection, so we'll see how it goes. maybe the cup cakes will seal the deal, right. >> reporter: at forget me not flower shops, the owner told us he had to hire extra drivers to make deliveries. the best selling a dozen long stem red roses for $99. so romance is great for business. reporting live in walnut creek, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. a federal government wants -- the federal government wants to shut down harbor --
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a crippled cruise liner finally made it to port tonight. the carnival ship triumph docked about three hours ago in mobile alabama and passengers are disembarking. i imagine they're pretty happy. >> absolutely. you know this ship was inching in through this channel, it took several hours. but when you could final see it. when this passenger could see this dock they absolutely erupted in celebration. so did the people on the ground here on the dock. several of the passengers family members came to greet them and so did carnival's ceo jerry cayhill and he said he was going to get on that boat before anyone left and apologize to those passengers for what happened. >> reporter: cheers erupted at
11:42 pm
the carnival triumph when it reached port. >> it was an incredible excellent crew. >> reporter: passengers have detailed wretched conditions after a fire knocked out system and left the triumph adrift. >> the smell has accumulated. i mean it's horrid. >> reporter: on shore, carnival has a small army of workers ready to make their arrival as smooth as possible. >> inside the terminal there's also warm food available, there are blankets, there are cell phones, and refreshments available for the guest that need that or want that assistance. >> reporter: the triumph tired
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and frazeled passengers, land has never looked so good. it's been three hours that the ship has pulled in. but to my right there's tour buses that are taking passengers to two places of their choice. either to galveston texas or to new orleans where they can spend a night at a hotel and take a charter bus to houston in the morning. from there they can go home. so no matter what they choose. hopefully within the next 24 hours all these people will be on their way home finally. back to you. a ktvu investigation. >> the only thing i could think to do was scream. >> shocking crime inside unlicensed cab. and the ride that nearly cost one bay area woman her life. >> we're enjoying
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a pillow fight on a grand scale. take a look the annual tradition takes place every valentine's day in san francisco's justin hermann plaza. flowers, cards, chocolate so passe compared to a pillow in the face. deborah villalon is live where hundreds of people joined in today. >> reporter: they left a mess
11:46 pm
behind. add its peak it was ankle deep in pillow debris. lina and david are ready to stop kissing and start slugging. >> if there's any late integration, if there's any anger, if there's anything i don't know about, hopefully by the end of this it's over and we can go have dinner. >> reporter: new people arrive as others drop out. >> i need to catch my breath. i can't breathe. i almost lost my glasses. >> reporter: it's easy to get drawn back in. feather pillows collapse even faster than the fighters bursting and billowing like snow and it's a spectator sport as many people watch and record as participate. at its start seven years ago this battle drew a few hundred people done in a half hour. now pillows are sold at the square. >> we bought them for $2.50 and we're selling them for $10.
11:47 pm
>> that's a profit. >> we made a fast profit, enough to pay the electric bill so we're happy. >> reporter: these brothers had their weapons handed off by others. >> we got given them. we were just going to watch but somehow we lucked in and we got some. >> there was a zoo. it was great. yeah, i got white hairs they hit me so hard. >> reporter: living proof you're never too old to be immature. >> 78, i'm celebrating my birthday. >> reporter: i'm definitely coughing up feathers. >> the couple the áf will wear -- the couple will wear goggles next year. >> reporter: you think your relationship will survive. >> well, one more year.
11:48 pm
we'll try again one more year and we'll see. >> reporter: we're live in san francisco, deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. and at we have posted more video tonight. same-sex couples try again on this valentine's day to get married. they marked into the county clerk's office in san francisco and demanded marriage licenses but since same-sex marriage is still illegal they were refused. so they sat down in protest. when they refused to leave, sheriff deputies detained about one dozen of them. one long time couple says they believe one day soon they will be able to get married. >> it feels like in the last few years the wheels of justice have been grinding a little faster and so, every time you know we come back we're a little more hopeful that things will go our way. >> reporter: san francisco's supervisors stood up in support of same-sex marriage today. they said they believed that the u.s. supreme court will
11:49 pm
make it legal sometime this year. san francisco assemblyman phil ting says he wants to stop a discriminatory process that affects same-sex couple. they pay federal taxes on health care for their partners. >> we need to help close that loophole to not accept that tax so we will not accept it as income. >> reporter: ting says the practice is not fair. hetero sexual couples are not taxed the same way. police say a 19-year-old man was shot and killed last night on campus. ktvu's john sasaki spoke if the victim's father who issued a challenge to anyone who might have information. >> reporter: san leandro elementary was closed today
11:50 pm
because students were told to stay home after the death of a student. >> i want to know who feels they can play god to shoot and kill somebody over a game of dice. >> reporter: we met foster's father who says this kind of violence is far too common. >> to say i hope his senseless killing stop, nobody should have to bury their son especially when they're trying to go to school and making good grades and going in the right direction. >> reporter: this is video of the younger foster playing football. he played at laney college as well. friends bragged about the football talent in this family. >> i knew his brother played for cal and i just expected tre to come up that way too. to become a great football player. >> he made friends with everybody. he was a likable person. for this to even happen is not even imaginable. >> reporter: foster's father is challenging witnesses to come forward. >> the guys who were with him,
11:51 pm
they know who it is. you guys know who it is, because y'all were with him. y'all were up here playing dice or something, so y'all know who it is. >> reporter: the school was closed so that sheriff deputies could finish their investigation. the school will reopen tomorrow. one -- one other student here is foster's sister. john sasaki, ktvu. tomorrow looks like a very nice day. overnight lows upper 30s in the cold spots maybe a little bit of frost out there. these are the numbers from today. we had a few records out there. i will put them in red for you. you will see santa rosa turns red. temperatures tomorrow will be about the same. 69 mountain view, 70 in morgan hill. 73degrees today in san jose. does not feel like february. another warm one tomorrow but things are starting to change
11:52 pm
around. when we come back we're going to talk about high clouds moving in that will bring some rain to the bay area forecast. we'll see you back here. attacked and assaulted by a criminal cabbie. the crimes was uncovered and what police are doing there is no mass-produced human.
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the ceo's of american airlines and u.s. airways made the big announcement. the two carriers are going to merge to create the largest airline. that means air travelers will now have just four big carriers to choose from. american, united, delta, and southwest. in addition when the two airlines combine routes it will likely eliminate competition in
11:55 pm
some cities and push fares higher. >> we're definitely going to be looking at higher fares that's partially because fares have been declining continuously for the last eight years and they are going to have to turn up. but the lack of competition i'm worried will also play a role in it. >> reporter: regulators still need to approval the deal and the airline may have to make concessions. approval is also needed if american's bankruptcy judge. the news drove american airline's stock up to two preponderate $12. but it had the opposite effect for u.s. airways. twitter is going to start ranking your tweeting. the number of followers and the
11:56 pm
popularity of your comment will factor in. reports that european markets shrank. people opposed to using drones were at today's hearings and said they're worried about privacy. but police said that drones would be useful. the hearing ended with no decision on whether the sheriff will move ahead and buy a drone. president obama is criticizing senate republicans who are blocking the nomination of chuck hagel. the president made the
11:57 pm
announcement on google. gop senators are blocking hagel's confirmation vote from moving forward. the filibuster vote is unprecedented. but senate republicans say they plan to go forward with an up or down vote after they come back from a 10 daybreak. since the democrats have the majority, hagel should be confirmed. the board voted late last night to chose crest view elementary school. many feel it'll be a great disappointment for kids who lost their homes to a fire. the plan is to close crest moor elementary at the end of this school year. we're with police as they crack down on cab drivers. the dangers riders face and may not even know it. up
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people around the world spent their valentine's day dancing to end domestic violence including one place you might not expect. >> and pump it up. >> reporter: dozens of inmates at the san francisco county jail participated in a choreographed dance as part of the 1 million rising. ross mirkarimi put together the event just a few months after his polarized case. >> i said listen, this is also a very important audience as one would guess. >> reporter: mirkarimi was not
12:01 am
invited to a larger dance event at the civic center. but the sheriff and his wife eliana lopez received a warm welcome at the jail. mirkarimi was reinstated to his job in october after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge in a domestic abuse case involving his wife. coming up in eight minutes an olympic athlete accused of killing hi girlfriend. the turn of events for a man who warmed hearts just a year ago in london. a student is learning the hard way that wearing a gas mask to a school was not very funny. officers blocked off the area while teachers kept students inside classrooms. police identified the suspect as 18-year-old christopher egerton who they found inside his classroom. >> i wouldn't say he's really a jokester but he definitely
12:02 am
likes to push people's buttons. >> reporter: egerton wrote last night, kind of thinking about wearing a gas mask to school tomorrow, funny or weird? police say they have surveillance video showing the actual vehicle. it's a white or silver chevrolet hhr. on monday night a man shot the 21-year-old uc santa cruz student in the head then took her backpack. it happened at a bus stop on natural bridges drive. here is a police sketch of the gunman as described by the victim. she is expected to make a full recovery. criminal cabbies picking up fares in san francisco. it's a big problem that has now escalated into something far more troublesome. ktvu has learned police are now looking for at least two drivers who recently sexually assaulted their passengers. heather holmes was there as
12:03 am
police went undercover to crack down on illegal and dangerous pick ups and she has tonight's special report. >> reporter: just past midnight on a saturday, the party is just getting started in san francisco's marina district. the pulsing night life seen creates fierce competition for cabs and hoping to cash in are rogue drivers who put passengers at risk. >> the reason we conduct this operation is because of the complaints we get. >> reporter: ktvu recently got exclusive access to a late night special operation. >> all right, we'll get started. >> reporter: with four officers going undercover to catch the illegal cabs trolling the city streets. the four hail a cab driver and it takes just minutes to get a bite. the driver of this sedan is only supposed to pick up arranged customers. town car and limo drivers are
12:04 am
not allowed to pick up passengers on the street. >> did you know what you did was illegal. >> i'm not interested in doing any interview with you. >> reporter: heads up, decoys were just solicited. >> reporter: we watched the shiny town cars and limos pull over when the undercovers put their arm out. drivers who skirt the rules to make a quick buck. >> the most unreal thing that i never thought would ever happen to me was happening. >> reporter: julia knows why the rules matter. >> i didn't know what he was going to do. >> reporter: after a night out in san francisco in 2011, she and three friends tried to hail a cab. the driver of a lincoln town car pulled up and agreed to give them a ride to the peninsula for 40 minutes, they hopped in and headed home. once they arrived here at the destination, julia gave the driver a $100 bill. he gave her $20 in change. when she asked for more, he
12:05 am
snapped and suddenly threw the car into reverse. >> i kept yelling, kept screaming, let me out of this car, let me out. let me out. the driver then pulled up a residential street and got out. >> the next thing he does was grabbed my purse and threw it out. >> reporter: he threatened to rum her over. >> the only thing i could think to do was scream. >> reporter: the jury sentenced him to more than five years. but other criminal cabbies continue to strike. ktvu has learned that san francisco police are looking for two drivers who recently assaulted their female drivers after picking them up in the mission. one woman was driven to a dark freeway overpass and assaulted. the other to a desolate alley. >> you don't know the inherent danger that you're getting
12:06 am
yourself into. >> reporter: both cases involve phony cabs. cars designed to look like legitimate taxis. >> you don't know h his criminal history, you don't know if he's under the influence, you don't know if he's a felon. >> gypsy cab, that one terning left. >> reporter: at $200 a pop it's not always a deterrent. >> i recognize it from previous arrests. >> reporter: but investigators continue to chip away at this iceburg. sending a message that it might just be a cop awaiting them at their next stop. heather holmes, ktvu news. if you have an idea to the ktvu report e-mail us. an asteroid bigger than a football field. >> i think it might raise the
12:07 am
hair in the back of your neck. we're tracking the giant rock's current position and when it will have the close call with earth. >> spring like weather in winter? our chief meteorologist bill martin will be back at 10:45 and tell us if this beautiful weather is going to last you can't move the tv there.
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breaking news now out of san francisco where multiple ambulances have been called to fifth and mission. police say a suspect in a stolen vehicle tried to flee from officers and was involved in a crash. you're looking now at live pictures from the scene. we're told the stolen car struck two other vehicles. officers first spotted the
12:10 am
suspect's vehicle in the tenderloin around 10:45. calls to the newsroom said they heard four or five shots before the car took off. we're also told the ambulances are needed from injurys from the collision and not give up shot wound. in news of the world tonight, in south africa double amputee and olympic runner oscar pastorias was charged with killing his girlfriend at their home in patoria. police say they found a gun in the home and say there was no sign of forced entry. some reports are suggesting previous allegations of domestic problems. the victim riva stemcamp was a model and law student. >> riva was just a fun presence of a person. worked with her shooting magazine features. >> reporter: oscar pastorias was nicknamed the blade runner. he competed against abled body runners in the london olympics.
12:11 am
at the vatican, pope benedict xvi told thousands of priests once he resigns he will remain hidden to the world. but there are questions whether he will influence the new pope from behind the scenes. benedict's secretary will also run the new pope household. so much for reputation of a city for romance. workers are removing thousands upon thousands of padlocks that couples have placed on a bridge as symbols of their love. the padlocks are a nuisance plus metal thieves tend to damage bridges when they try to remove them say officials. oakley introduced the resolution. right now california drivers are prohibited from texting with hand held devices but can
12:12 am
still send voice operated texts. another bay area lawmakers introduced a bill that attempts to curve the illegal dumps of mattresses. the bill would create a recycling program for unwanted mattresses. b.a.r.t. has announced plans for a second phase of its test run allowing bicycles on trains during commute hours. during the first testing phase last august, bikes were allowed on b.a.r.t. all day each friday. now the agency is expanding the test to every day of the week from march 18th to the 22nd. b.a.r.t. says it needs another round of testing and customer feed back before making a permanent policy change. planet earth is said to be buzzed by an asteroid. we'll tell you how close it's going to come and why you don't need to be worried. for years this bay area college student hid his illegal status. now hear how he
12:13 am
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12:15 am
an asteroid the size of a football field is on a course to buzz plant earth tomorrow. ktvu's christien kafton is live where scientists and amateurs will get a front row seat to this show. >> reporter: it should be a great show. tonight the telescopes are dark but you can expect big crowds here and around the world watching as asteroid 2012 passes closer to the earth and the moon. some where out there, asteroid
12:16 am
2012 is hurling toward planet earth. right now the asteroid is just a fuzzy imagine but by tomorrow it will pass just 17,200 miles from earth. well within the orbit of the moon. even within the orbits of satellites. >> it is pretty close, sure. there might be a television satellite that happens to wander into its pass although nasa has calculated it out and we don't think that's going to happen. >> reporter: tonight on the streets of oakland some sky watchers knew about the asteroid. while scientists are ruled out a collision this time, they're asking for more funding to catalog those objects. >> let's say there was one heading to the earth that we
12:17 am
knew about and there was going to be an impact. we want as much time as possible to prepare for that event. >> reporter: despite how close the asteroid will pass it will not be visible to the unaided eye. this observation deck will be ohm from #: -- 7:00 to 10:00 to see that asteroid. christien kafton, ktvu news. some people were injured during a collision. one car was trying to pass another and cross the center line. they say the driver hit another vehicle coming in the opposite direction. police say none of the injuries were serious and they do not believe that alcohol played a hole in -- played a role in the crash. this video shows an armed robbery at a jewelry store in san francisco on west portal avenue. police say they arrested 34- year-old arthur gonzalez, 20- year-old gary green and 18-year-
12:18 am
old socorro santiago on monday. the trio was also suspected in another robbery. $23,000 to deport me. >> reporter: 24-year-old terrance park is a math and bio statistics major he's also an illegal immigrant. park shows the cost of deporting young illegal students is more than the projected income and contribution of granted citizenship. grant moved to the united states from korea. now he's been accepted to grad school at yale. if the dream act passes he will be able to receive financial aid to obtain his master's. checking live storm tracker 2. certainly no rain to talk
12:19 am
about. it was warm today. we had a couple of record highs. big picture shows the jet stream going over the top of us. for your bay area weekend very nice weather. we got a little bit of an offshore wind. not anticipating a lot of it tonight. i don't think much fog is coming back. we have a strong gradient pushing in. that fog is going to have a rough time reforming at the coast. look for very little of it if any. and look for temperatures tomorrow to be almost as warm or as warm as they were today. nice looking day today as we mentioned, 70 in napa, a couple of records in oakland, hayward and in santa rosa. overnight lows tonight are going to be chilly as we talked about. we're going to see lots of mid- 30s with frost possible. as we go into tonight, look for chilly overnight lows, morning you get going. when the kids get going it's cold. you'll need jackets, heater on in the car. then by lunchtime it's a
12:20 am
distant memory. lunchtime temperatures will be in the 60s. mostly sunny and warm. what's happening, high pressure basically for the entire month of january and most of february. now the air is sinking it's going offshore. after that it weakens. so temperatures are going to cool down as we head into saturday and sunday. then that begins a cycle of cooling and perhaps rain as we get into tuesday and then again into thursday. forecast highs tomorrow yellows are 70s. that's significant for february. i mean look at santa rosa. fremont, san jose. a lot of 70s tomorrow. it's going to be a really nice day. might see a couple of records. these are the forecast highs tomorrow for a lot of cities near where you live or where you live. 70 in san helena. if you didn't know better you would think it was april or may or october but not february. any way with this last warm day tomorrow will be the last warm day. then after that things start to cool down. you will start to see that in
12:21 am
the five day forecast. then clouds start to come in se on sunday night and that marks the change. so on sunday night monday, more clouds, cooler, and showers probably tuesday. so looks like a little bit of rain in here and that cracks the door open a little bit for next week as we go into more showers by the weekend and into next week. >> let's hope so. >> we need it. the golden state warriors are revising their proposal for a new arena on san francisco's waterfront. in the first version of the proposal part of the arena sticks out of the pier which does no
12:22 am
12:23 am
12:24 am
mark is here now with sports. st.mary's just can't seem to get past gonzaga. >> the gails have won 14 out of the last 16. and guess who the two last ones have been. all over the bay, basketball is flying. biggest game had to be out of st. mary where gonzaga continues to dominate against the gails. gails this year zigging when they should have been zagging.
12:25 am
as kevin pongos missed, 7- footer kevin,lunick. matthew delavadova as usual hot. he had only three after intermission is actually st. mary's goes up a point at the half. the second half all zags. and he just attacks delavadova. a 16 point run is really what put the gails away. your final the other local motion tonight. good night for santa clara's mark trezelini. portland a bucket better however than the usf dawns. the only local team other than that to deliver the goods tonight. cal decisively over ucsf. these are not your bruins for sure. this thing was sloppy. there's kevin johnson who is not the major looking tidy.
12:26 am
cal 17 points eight rebounds. on the put back jam he takes care of the business after a tied wallis smith. but wallis will atone for that little miss. right here he comes up with a nice turn over. a steal and follows it up with a slick pass. allen crab shows you why he's the leading scorer in the pac12. it's a blow out a 25 point lead at half for the bears who breeze on in. david crabish will get the put back activity there underneath. he had 18 points and 13 rebounds. but the deal did not go down as planned for the stanford cardinals down on the farm against the other team from southern california. usc from the half. j.t. parrel from 30 feet. the momentum on their way but stanford to their credit comes back. dwight pal at 17 points hit the hook with 25.5 seconds left. stanford within one. but now down one, 1.8 seconds
12:27 am
left. chasing randall, a last gasp following jumper no good. the cardinals with a great come back but wasting the opportunity as they fail 65-64. >> here's a little something you don't see every day. kangaroos taking the u.s.women's australian open. they had to halt play when the kangaroos basically overran the gallery and players step aside as well they should have. and like i said that's not something you see every day. but it was probably the most interesting part of today's events down there. >> we had a lot of fun looking at them. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. the ktvu morning news begins at 4:30. >> they'll be following tonight's breaking news. here's another live picture from mission and san francisco. a stolen car crashed into another car and a
12:28 am
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